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[mod] Avast, it be posting time!

Well, I kind of slept through most of the 3rd, but whatever. Today's the day stories start being posted at spn_heraea, and I want to let the audience know their roles.

If you're not taking part in the contest in any way - you're not the chair, or a writer on either side - then you're necessary to help the contest go ahead. We work out the winning side based on *your* votes, per entry, and this is how it works:

Two people post their stories today, for angst and schmoop. You will read them, and then you will award them a mark out of 10, taking into consideration how much you enjoyed the fic, how closely it matched the theme, how angsty/schmoopy it was etc. Let's say the angst fic receives votes from six different people. At the end of the contest, I will total that all up and come up with the final score for the fic to one decimal place: 8.2.

The schmoop fic, on the other hand, gets awarded a total of 7.2. On the first day, the angst team are ahead, but on the next day, you, the audience, award the angst entry a final score of 8, and the schmoop fic one of 9.4. At the end of the contest, I total up the final scores for each entry, and use them to find out the final score for each *team*. Winning therefore depends, contestants, upon making sure everybody in your team posts on time, and that everybody's writing the best they can. :D

Voting is extended for two days after the final fics are posted, to be sure that everybody has seen and read the entries.

That about wraps it up!

One last thing: if your fic is due in by, say, the 5th of June, and you still haven't posted it by 12pm June 6th (PST, which is -8 GMT), that's when I'll ask the pinch-hitter to step in. Pinch-hitters have 30 hours to write their stories, and the voting period is extended by two days for pinch-hit stories only.

Also, all entries should include your team and your theme in the header, to make things easier for the audience. *g*

Have fun!
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